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Empowering Innovation

Do you want to create your own XR training solutions with ease?

Our Solution

A user-friendly software platform that empowers companies to build XR training content without the need for any technical expertise.

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Simple user interface and workflow.

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Drag and drop customiser to build content your way.

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Start training your staff in a matter of minutes.

Become An Innovator!

IMMERSKILL launches the SEE Training Mission, a program designed to assist innovative companies in embracing immersive technologies like XR (Extended Reality) to enhance technical training. Standing for Simple, Effective, and Efficient, the SEE Training Mission is to make immersive training more accessible, engaging, and impactful, thereby significantly improving workplace skills development.

The SEE Training Mission



Make it effortless for companies to create and deploy immersive training courses.

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Enhance knowledge retention and improved outcomes through engaging XR training simulations.

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Reduce time and resources, eliminating the need for physical training setups.

Why Join the SEE Training Mission?

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Early Access

Be among the first to access the IMMERSKILL platform and start creating your XR training content.

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Direct Influence

Your feedback will shape the future of our platform, ensuring it aligns perfectly with needs of your industry.

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Join a growing community of like-minded innovators who share your commitment to workplace training.

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Join the SEE Training Mission and let’s shape the future of workplace skills development, together!

About Us

We're IMMERSKILL, and we're on a mission to revolutionize workplace training by building a platform that empowers companies to create XR training courses that are proven to improve knowledge retention, increase skills in the workforce and enhance safety culture.

Our team are experienced in immersive technology and come from an engineering and construction background. We're innovators in the field, dedicated to simplifying technical skill training. Join our community of XR training champions and be part of the future of workplace skills development.

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Let’s Talk!

Don't miss this opportunity to be a pioneer in the future of workplace training. Sign up now and let’s make a difference together with IMMERSKILL.

5 South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4AN, Scotland.

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